Consultation and trade company
Exclusive Events & Business Delegations

We are a consultation and trade company that serves your business development and trades globally, especially we source and distribute products worldwide to the Europe market and to the markets of Hispanic origins.
Locally in the Netherlands, we support business and diplomatic events and arrange Business Delegations for trade mission purposes and for diplomatic discussion in order to facilitate trade and investment from our connection to other markets.

We help you make your event an event to remember!

You can find with us

  • We are dedicated people and our perseverance and passion opens us roads all over the world.
  • We arrange for you only the best solutions.
  • Discretion
  • Privacy
  • Flexibility
  • We are positive creators
  • Our team of experts is flexible and creative, with the organization of events in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world,
  • Our flexibility, creativity and discretion to work towards getting you what you need to ensure you to make your event perfect down to even the smallest detail.


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